We are The Company that introduced Certificates of Drying (1996) - now an industry standard.
We are the Company that introduced Certificates of Hygiene (2001) - becoming an industry standard.
We are the Company that pushed for air quality certification in the PAS 64:2013
and the introduction of Certificates of Air quality
as part of the recovery process. This will become an industry standard.

Technical Developments

We have pioneered chemical free cleaning methods for many types of decontamination scenes using very specialist techniques such as Dry Ice and Dry Steam Blasting of surfaces.

Our building drying technology puts us firmly at the forefront of the restoration industry which recognises and respects our reputation and efforts to constantly strive to provide Industry leading standards of service and high specification equipment.

Action Dry are the original innovators in UK thermal drying technology for water damaged properties. We introduced heat drying also known as speed drying into the UK in 2001.

Convectant Drying

Our revolutionary drying process has been given a name. "CONVECTANT" and advances refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifier drying technology. Convectant drying is now recognised in the recently published and revised British Standard PAS 64. A definition is also now in Wikipedia

Action Dry were the Company selected to provide response services dry out the Big Brother house when it was seriously flooded during filming in 2010, minimising downtime to just one day.

You are able to purchase a copy of the BS PAS 64 here. Action Dry Ltd had technical input and were on the steering panel of the BS PAS 64.

The convectant drying method has created Global interest and has driven an industry change in the way flood damaged property is being dried. Our patented technology must be considered as the most advanced building drying system available. For in depth information see

The patented Speedry Convectant process is a new generation of efficient property drying technology and is available as a portable unit for smaller jobs. DBK Technitherm ( manufacture and distribute the portable system internationally under the brand "Drymatic"). The Drymatic is available to purchase and hire in North America, Europe and Australia. The Speedry and Drymatic systems are used on a sub contract & hire basis, by more professional Damage Management Company's.

Dry Your Own Property

If you want to dry your own property and need help or advice, please feel free to call us. We'd be pleased to try and help you. Tel 01708 501581.

Portable Speedry Machines

If you need the portable Speedry machines, you can hire through Action Dry Tel 01708 501581
  Download Speedry Portable Brochure   Download Speedry Trailer Brochure
For full details on the Drymatic portable systems and training in their use contact or email

Trailer Mounted Drying Systems

Regional Operating Licences or hire enquiries for the trailer mounted drying systems - used for larger or complex situations - should be through Action Dry. email
For in depth information on the trailer system go to

Certificates of Drying

Action Dry revolutionised the industry in 1996 by introducing Certificates of Drying which are now industry standard. We further "upped the anti" in 2001 by introducing Certificates of Hygiene which gives re-assurance when appropriate that the affected property surfaces are more than visually clean - The damage management industry has taken this testing on board. With a £50000 investment we have further set ourselves years ahead of the industry by enhancing our hygiene testing capability to include rapid testing for airbourne and surface fungal biomass, Spectrometer particle counting and specialist air clearance treatments allowing provision of Certificates of Air Quality. Our next goal is to achieve BS EN 17025 Accreditation.


We manufacture ABSORBEEZ - a product which includes sandbag alternatives, absorbent products, healthcare absorbents and water damage control products. Our products sell globally through a network of appointed distributors who are listed on the main Absorbeez website.

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