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The UK's leading mould abatement and mould testing services.

A quick look through the web will reveal many organisations and individuals in the UK offering mould testing and mould removal services. We find some of our clients more informed than the companies they have approached or the companies their loss adjuster or Insurer appoint! A flashy website or the gift of the gab does not mean the contractor is competent and many of the tests these company's undertake are not only antiquated, they are limited in efficacy and provide only a localised snapshot.

If you have landed on our site looking for a solution to your mould problem or simply for advice, then please don’t hesitate to call us and discuss the issue you face. Our science and evidence based program, allows you to make informed decisions. We will do our best to try and help you.

What can Action Dry offer and why or how do we stand out from the rest of the Industry and why should you consider what we have to offer? Judge for yourself:

Action Dry Emergency Services are an established professional Company focusing on building drying and mould decontamination. We have spearheaded the UK’s emerging mould remediation industry since 1998 and we now offer what we believe is an industry leading science and evidence-based program of works. Our team includes a PhD Mycologist, MSc, MScMBiRes. An ACAC certified microbial remediator and certified microbial consultant as well as a technical advisor on the BS PAS 64 steering panel - BS PAS 64 is the UK code of practice for the mitigation and recovery of water damaged buildings. We have close ties and work with many Scientists and Laboratories in the USA, Australia and Denmark.

Action Dry are the ony UK Company providing REAL TIME aerobiological assessments using the Mouldscope which uses a technology originally developed for the Military to detect anthrax. The Mouldscope assesses outside conditions against room by room and area by area conditions, then compares results against a database gathered from over 80,000 thousand properties, giving an instant rating of conditions. Mouldscope is a cost effective and accurate way to quickly assess which rooms or areas in the property- if any - have a mould problem.

We are not Doctors, but we have a good understanding on the implications resulting from exposure within damp and mouldy and contaminated buildings. We are familiar in the decontamination protocols needed to help those diagnosed with CIRS, MCS, CFS, Lyme, and ME ensuring that conditions in their property do not negatively impact on their personal route to recovery.

We understand the limitations of all the test methods and we understand and can help you use and understand the scientific data we can gather.

We provide the cutting edge techniques, protocols and knowledge needed to return your property to conditions that may give you the best chance of recovering your home and your health – and we can undertake comprehensive advanced testing, quality control, and or post-remediation evaluation of conditions using the most sophisticated methods available. Our working relationships with specialized laboratories and scientists from all over the world keep us at the forefront of the industry and developments.

We look to identify the cause of your mould and damp problem, dry the property, remove unwanted mould (and other contaminants) and verify conditions prior to issuing appropriate certificates of efficacy.

We are happy to work with your health practitioner, environmental consultant, Insurer or Loss Adjuster to ensure the success of a project.

Our lead mould technician has advanced ACAC training and qualifications and our technicians have been extensively trained in our process. We are also qualified Goldmorr Master Technicians and we are appointed as the UK trainers and distributers for Goldmorr products: The Goldmorr System, used worldwide, provides a complete and very cost-effective mould remediation process using unique, non-toxic and biodegradable products created specifically for the removal of mould spores, surface growth, and mycotoxins. To go with these products our company scientists have developed groundbreaking methods and enhanced the use of equipment to ensure the best possible application of products and restoration of the property.

Action Dry are uniquely placed to deal with or test for both environmental and respirable mycotoxins and other contaminants of concern and which we look to remove as part of our process.

Please refer to: contact us for further information about this, and we will be happy to tell you more.