Training & Research


Action Dry 's advanced training centre (off J28 - M25) in Essex is geared toward those who require a more hands on practical approach to water damage training. Training topics are not aimed at those wishing to gain basic knowledge to get started in the water damage industry. Rather, we seek to increase the practicing experienced technicians knowledge in the technicalities of recovering water damaged properties and how to verify all aspects of their work and comply with the British Standard PAS 64.

We have built what may be the largest flood test & training house in Europe with many rooms, test bays and finishes. It includes a "bespoke" room where different finishes can be installed to suit different scenarios and which can be immersed to various depths and given times. There are several further rooms and different floor types, one with a hydronic underfloor heating system installed. All which can be saturated with a number of flooding scenarios for demonstration, training, research and recovery purposes.

Further, the building can be used to try out, develop ideas and test all types of drying equipment and combinations of materials, under controlled conditions, with remote monitoring to independently record all data if required.

Training topics include:

  BS PAS 64 Compliance - How to verify drying, hygiene and air quality
  Advanced air decontamination
  Air Quality - interpreting data
  Becoming a Mycometer approved technician (2 days)
  Closing a mould contaminated job
  Drying screeds
  Technical drying
  Heat drying - trailers and portable systems
  Indoor Air Quality Technician Certificate (5 days)
  Master drying technician (3 days)
  Action Dry ADIXe competency (software for water Damage Companies)
  Writing and making your own bespoke ipad PDF working forms - go paperless!

If you're interested in attending our training courses or require use of the test facility, please contact us.

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