U-Dri ®

There are times when you may not need a professional drying company or times when your insurers have given you a low cash settlement to get things done.

Hiring standard dehumidifiers from a hire company – where they just drop off the gear and let you get on with it can result in extended drying times, hire costs or inadequate drying as well as other issues.

We would strongly recommend you call Action Dry to talk through your Insurers' proposal – as we often see noncompliance to the guidelines set out in BS PAS 64 by Insurers and their contractors – BS PAS 64 is the code of practice for the mitigation and recovery of water-damaged buildings. Download an overview here.

We have a range of well-maintained quality drying equipment and we specialise in helping you dry your home or business faster.

Contact us to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

If you decide you want to take control and dry the water damage in your property, be aware that you may be eventually asked for a Certificate of Drying by the Loss Adjuster / Insurer before they pay you out. If you cannot provide one, it may result in delays, additional costs, complications, or building deterioration down the line.

Action Dry offer a DIY drying solution with help.

We can hire you the appropriate equipment and moisture meters and we help with the initial set up and ongoing free telephone advice. At the time you feel the property is dry, we can attend, do a professional moisture check and if dry, provide the drying certificate. Additional visits where the property is found not to be dry will incur an extra visit charge.