Mould Services

Thank you for your interest in our mould and mycotoxin decontamination and mould testing services.

A quick look through the web will reveal many organisations and individuals in the UK jumping on the emerging bandwagon of mould cleaning. Their glossy websites and sales blurb looks pretty convincing with sparkling - often fake reviews and ridiculous claims of sterilisation, removal of all mould spores and guaranteeing it won't come back. It all falls apart if you drill down into their claims and find the quality control and post remediation evaluation is seriously lacking or has not considered your health needs.

If you have landed on our site looking for a solution to your mould problem or simply look for advice, then don’t hesitate to call us to discuss the issue you face. We will be pleased to help you.

What can Action Dry offer and why or how do we stand out from the rest of the Industry and why should you consider what we have to offer? Judge for yourself:

Action Dry focus on building drying and provision of professional mould and mycotoxin decontamination and testing services. We have spearheaded the UK’s emerging mould remediation industry since 1998 and we offer an industry leading science and evidence-based program of works. Our team includes highly educated scientists, a US ACAC qualified and certified microbial consultant also qualified as a certified microbial remediator. Our senior Director is a technical advisor on the steering panel on the BS PAS 64 – the code of practice for the mitigation and recovery of water-damaged buildings. We are also panel members of the newly established Mycotoxin Research Institute.

Let Action Dry help guide you through the mould minefield.

We look to identify the cause of your mould and damp problem, dry the property if needed, remove unwanted visible and hidden mould as well as any other unwanted related contamination and we are able to verify handover conditions prior to issuing appropriate certificates of hygiene and efficacy of works. We are at the forefront of the mould industry in the UK. Please feel free to call and discuss your needs - you will find us sympathetic, aware, knowlegeable and professional.

We are not Doctors, but we have a good understanding on the implications resulting from exposure within damp, mouldy and otherwise contaminated buildings. We are experienced in the latest Mould and Mycotoxin decontamination techniques - especially benefitting those with CIRS, MCS, CFS, Lyme, ME and other diagnosed illnesses and for whom we can provide a science and evidence based program to prove efficacy of our actions.

Action Dry understand the limitations of mould test methods and we can help you understand and make use of all the data gathered informing the decision making process.

Action Dry are recommended by leading UK and US based Nutritionists, health practitioners and mould decontamination experts and we encourage and look forward if required, to working with your expert to ensure environmental conditions are optimised for your needs.

Our mould technicians are qualified Goldmorr Master Technicians. We are appointed as the UK trainers and distributers for Goldmorr products: The Goldmorr System, used worldwide by licenced operators, provides a complete and very cost-effective mould remediation process using unique, non-toxic biodegradable products created specifically for those reporting multiple chemical sensitivity and for the reduction of airborne mould spores and fragments, surface growth, and mycotoxins. Goldmorr products leave NO toxic residues or odours.

Action Dry are uniquely placed to test for environmental and respirable mould and mycotoxins, endotoxins, actinomycetes, mycobacteria and much more and we have both the experience and resources to deal with the problems you face. Please contact us for further information about this, and we will be happy to tell you more.