Why Use Action Dry


Action Dry are a specialised restoration business with over 40 years' industry experience. We are well-resourced with the most up-to-date methods and equipment. You can rely on us for:

  Attention to detail, reliability, transparency and good communication.

  Validation of our works through detailed documentation & certification of the processes involved.

  Minimum stripout - reducing environmental impacts, downtime & overall costs.

  Fast drying out of wet property using systems we have developed.

  Chemical-free cleaning processes where appropriate.

  Honesty: Integrity and our reputation are foremost.

  Action Dry is well-established, competent, respected, solvent and professional.

We specialise in restoration of water-damaged buildings, mould remediation and testing and trauma-scene cleanup and have a network of hand-picked restoration contractors and specialist restorers across the country who assist us in providing an outstanding, timely service round the clock. These contractors and restorers are familiar with our processes and systems and undergo training at our training Centre. This training centre houses what is we belive is the largest flood test and research centre in the UK.

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We are technical advisors on the British Standards PAS 64 steering panel

The PAS 64:2013 - Mitigation and recovery of water damaged buildings – is the recognised industry code of practice endorsed by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), who recommend their members only use PA-64-compliant companies, the BDMA and the National Flood Forum. We have provided technical input at selected master classes for The British Damage Management Association. We are SafeContractor  and Exor Accredited, BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 14001:2004 Accredited and have several other health and safety accreditations.

Our Resources

We have invested in cutting-edge technology and research and development, which set us apart and allow us to take on the most complex restoration projects and achieve a high standard of restoration and service. We have an extensive range of equipment allowing us to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for any project.


We have developed Absorbeez - water absorbent flood defence products which can significantly save time and cost in preventing and mitigating water damage.

Speed Drying

We introduced speed drying also known as Heat drying * or Rapid drying * into the UK over a decade ago, giving us unrivalled experience with such techniques.

Award Winning Portable Dehumidifier

We have jointly patented the award winning Speedry Portable Convectant heat-drying system with our manufacturing partner and global distributor DBK Technitherm. DBK sell the system under the Drymatic brand. The Speedry Portable is the most advanced, award-winning portable dehumidifier for flood damage available. It uses heat and air exchanges to ensure an optimum rapid, controlled drying environment.

Our Own Training Centre

We have our own damage management training and tesearch centre – allowing us to offer the most robust processes and tested techniques to anyone requiring assistance. Our test building is one of the largest in Europe and contains a large range of building material which is flooded and dried on an ongoing basis, whcih has allowed us to gather a large array of data to inform our restoration methodologies.

Software for Contractors

We have developed an industry-leading software program (Adixe software) which allows us to ensure a quicker, more methodical collection of information when we're at your property.

We offer, honesty, diligence and the most advanced equipment available to mitigate the damage at your property. Please call us; we’d be pleased to discuss your needs, offer free advice and provide a plan to ensure fast and effective remediation of your property.

Emergency National Helpline . . . 0330 050 0330 . . . 24 hours a day